Fairy Tale

by Vanzetti

Elementary biology suggests that Sark once had a mother, but anything more is imagination: a string of nurses and nannies, none of whom was much interested in bouncing an infant Julian on her knee and telling him stories.

He learned one, at least, when he was young: once upon a time there were three sisters. Khasinau told him that one, when Sark was an impressionable boy hoping for a tale of three beautiful princesses trapped in an ice-bound palace. But Khasinau had half a bottle of vodka in him, and it wasn't that kind of story. "To liars, killers and whores!" he'd toasted, and made Sark drink as well. He knew better than to mention it, but Irina took him aside and assured him that Khasinau never remembered what he said when he was drinking vodka. After that, Khasinau only drank wine.

Now he knows that a fairy tale might begin with three princesses, but only one would grow up to be the queen. Once upon a time there were three sisters: now one is dead, one is in custody, and one is looking for him, years too late. Sark isn't interested in fairy tales any more.


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