Alias Fanfiction

by Vanzetti

Airs, Waters, Places
No one was saying no to Jack that night. Someone probably should have. (Missing time fic)
Posted 1 July 03, 81 K

Winter in Tunisia
A coda of sorts to Airs, Waters, Places. Jack/Irina
Posted 7 Oct 04, 5 K (sex)

Appointed Hours
The role of bereaved husband comes easily to Arvin Sloane. Sloane/Emily (season 3)
Posted 16 Dec 03, 300 words

Mr. Sark takes a moment to reflect. Vignette, G (late season 2)
Posted 04 May 03, 5 K

Double Nostos
Two homecomings. (3x01 postep)
Posted 30 Sept 03, 200 words

Empty Graves
If this were no longer that Laura, well, perhaps she was no longer that Emily.
For the Alias Femme Fatale Ficathon, posted 5 July 04, 6 K

Truth and trust need not apply. Sark/Allison, follow-up to Kick (postep for A Double Agent, 2x14)
Posted 9 Sept 03, 4 K

Fairy Tale
Sark reflects on fairy tales. (S5)
Posted 8 March, 2006, c. 200 words

Final Approach
Jack comes home (pre S3)
Posted 12 Oct 04, 3 K

Heavy Water
A puzzle and an exchange. Jack/Sark (3x02 postep)
For the Secret Sarkfic Santa
Posted 25 Dec 03, 7 K

The Instincts of a Good Man
And she's imagining herself carrying Jack around while Vaughn shows Isabelle the city when something catches her eye: gray hair, the shape of a head, later on she'll never know quite what drew her attention and made her push through the people and hurry her steps to catch up with him and rest her hand on his arm. S/V, Jack/OC (post-series)
Posted 19 July 2006, 11 K

There should be no need to be honest with her. Sark/Allison (season 2)
Posted 24 June 03, 4 K

It's almost too good to be real: slim body, long brown hair. Anna/Sydney.  Not entirely consensual.
Posted 15 Jun 05, 9 K (sex)

Lee Shore
"I can't decide whether you're capable of having loyalties, or merely of changing them." Sark/Lauren
For the Lauren ficathon, posted 13 May 04, 9 K (sex)

A lifetime of empty rooms
Sark always knew that Irina would find him. Sark/Irina (hiatus fic, post season 2)
Posted 23 May 2003, 8 K (sex)

Love or Money
Sydney, Sark, a gun and a bed. (3x02 postep)
Posted 8 October 2003, 6 K

Sark, Allison and a stack of photographs. (Missing scene, between 3x06 and 3x07)
Posted 10 November 2003, 3 K

No Exchange of Fire
Jack's loyalties are complicated; Renée Rienne is unlikely to help him simplify them.  (Set early in S5)
Posted 6 January, 2006, 8 K

A legend for a girl. (post S3 finale)
Posted 23 July 2004, 5 K

One Missing and Truth and Silence
Nadia has imagined the scene... Jack/Nadia (post S5 AU)
Posted May-June 2006, 13 K

Sark and an empty tomb. (S4)
Posted 17 May 05, 3 K

Patchwork Life
While you were drinking, I was singing to you. Sark and Irina, in season 5.
Posted 28 March, 2006, 8 K

Sark performs an act of faith. Character Death. (post 3x10)
Posted 7 Apr 04, 4 K (violence)

Sketch of Bliss
She's dozing when he comes home. Vaughn/Reed (missing scene for The Two, 3x01)
Posted 19 August 2003, 4 K

Even in Sark's world, awash with cash from drugs and guns, it was a substantial sum. (3x02 postep)
Posted October 2003, 4 K

Wouldn't be Cricket
Dastardly plots! Ferries! An auto-rickshaw chase! Cricket is a good deal more interesting that Sydney realizes.
Posted 29 July 04, 19 K

Tense and Skin
If Sydney doesn't know that sex is just another weapon, it isn't Lauren's place to tell her. Sydney/Lauren (Season 3)
For the Alias Slashficathon, posted 1 Mar 04, 9 K (sex)

The Yellow Dress
Irina tries on a new life. (S4 and pre-series; Irina and Elena)
Posted 28 July 2006, 5 K


The Box (Alias/Homicide)
Disaster is Virtue's opportunity. Seneca, De Providentia (pre-series for Alias)
Posted 12 July 2006, 7 K

Family Demons (Alias/Angel)
Julian doesn't know much about demons, but he has a talent for killing. Connor can appreciate that. Sark/Connor.
Posted 8 November 2005, 3 K

Free and Easy Ways to Save the Planet (Alias/XF)
Two men, one goal, very little sanity: this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Posted 22 October 2003, 9 K

the nameless dead (Alias/SPN)
"You will find on the right in Hades' halls a spring, and by it stands a ghostly cypress-tree, where the dead souls descending wash away their lives. Do not even draw near this spring. Further on you will find chill water, flowing from the pool of Memory: over this stand guardians. They will ask you with keen minds what is your quest in the gloom of deadly Hades. They will ask why you have come..."
Spoilers through the end of Alias, and through SPN 2x01. (John Winchester, Julian Sark)
Posted 19 October 2006, 8 K

Isis and Nepthys (Alias/SPN)
John walks through clumps of rushes in the blue half-light of evening. Sequel to the nameless dead
Posted 23 October 2007, 250 words

Three Meetings (Alias/XF)
It's the kind of club that reminds Sark of Russia, and not in a good way. Sark/Krycek, more or less.
Posted 24 January 2005, 12 K

Behind clenched hands, face to the rock, Lymond spoke at last.

Why? I made one mistake. Who doesn’t? But I despised men who accepted their fate. I shaped mine twenty times and had it broken twenty times in my hands. Of course it left me deformed and unserviceable, defective and dangerous to associate with. . . . But what in God’s name has happened to charity? . . . Self-interest guides me like the next man but not invariably; not all the time. I use compassion more than you do; I have loyalties and I keep by them; I serve honesty in a crooked way, but as best I can; and I don’t plague my debtors or even make them aware of their debt. . . . Why is is so impossible to trust me?”

“You shut that door yourself.” Richard spoke harshly.

Dorothy Dunnett, The Game of Kings.

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