Where the cedars line the road

by Vanzetti

John Winchester is what Lilah Morgan likes best about Hell.  That isn't saying much: it is Hell, after all, so it's never going to be that great, even for the management.  Sex in Hell, for example, is always mediocre, and she spends far too much time filing appeals which will be lost long before they make it to a judge.  She explained what she was doing on his behalf the first few times that they met; now she doesn't bother.

Looking back, she isn't sure how it started: it was probably her, probably the way he looks at her like she doesn't exist.  When she was alive, she would have said she liked a challenge, but this isn't a challenge, the other name he bites back, the way he rolls off her, or pushes her away.  

He thinks she's part of his punishment.  She doesn't correct him; after all, she knows he's part of hers.


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