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Site updated 21st November, 2007


Paper Weight
Kathleen Hudak is a survivor, even when she isn't sure of anything else. (Kathleen Hudak, others, S2)
Posted 15 August, 2007, c. 3000 words.

"This is an impossible situation," Bela said. "You will simply have to leave." (Bela and a ghost, 3x07 postep)
Posted 19 November, 2007, c. 300 words


Lightning Fast and All Alone (SPN/HL)
The past weighs heavy on Duncan Macleod, the future on John Winchester. (post-ep for SPN 1x16, Shadow)
Posted 11 October, 2007, c. 6400 words

Like love we seldom keep (SPN/XF)
A hunter wanders through the pages of someone else's story. (John Winchester/Marita Covarrubias, Alex Krycek/Marita Covarrubias)
Post-series for XF, pre-series for SPN.
Posted 14 June 2007, c. 4000 words (sex, death)

Isis and Nepthys (Alias/SPN)
John walks through clumps of rushes in the blue half-light of evening. sequel to the nameless dead
Posted 23 October 2007, 250 words

Whiff of Sulfur (SPN/Angel)
The man on the front porch reminded Bobby of a dog he had, maybe twenty, twenty-five years back, lean and watchful, and careful not to show how hungry he really was.
Posted 3 September 2007, c. 500 words


House of Shadows (Lymond Chronicles, Marthe)
Lyons. 10th day of Ramadan, 962 A.H. Marthe remembers other fasts.
Posted October 14th, 2007, c. 350 words