Fireworks drabbles

by Vanzetti


1. (John, Dean, Sam: pre-series)

A quiet night for once, so John grabs the quilt off the bed and packs a picnic, puts the boys into the back seat and drives out to the park.  He finds a spot at the edge of the field and holds Sam still long enough to get a sweatshirt over him. He's passing out sandwiches when Dean nudges him; the boy's barely ten but has good instincts.  John's not surprised to see two eyes glowing from the tree line.

When the first fireworks go off, he's half an hour into the woods, the boys left behind on the blanket.


2. (Sam, Jess: pre-series)

"Take your coat," Jess told him, but it was eighty-five in Palo Alto and Sam figured that it was some weird California bullshit.  Now he's shivering in a sweatshirt and his shorts and she's totally mocking him.  He stares up into the heavy gray half-dark; the fog came in around four pm and was settled low over the city.  They're standing out in the cold, craning their heads at the clouds: then the tell-tale whine and boom, but all Sam sees is a faint green glow behind the fog.

Jess laughs harder and passes him the flask.


3.  (John, Dean: pre-series)

The flash catches John off-guard as his spade digs into the grave; at the far end Dean looks up to watch the light rain down.  John can see it glint in his eyes as he grins.  "Get to work," he grumbles, and bends back down himself; they don't have much time before the ghost of Old Man Gray realizes what they're up to and attacks.  But when he hears the next one, he forgets his own orders and lets his eyes be drawn upwards, watching as gold and blue and white fire fades  like memory in a foreign sky.


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