Imagine a universe in which Marita Covarrubias and Narcissa Malfoy are sisters... In which Pansy Parkinson is Well-Manicured-Man's granddaughter... In which Hermione Granger and Alex Krycek work side by side...

Interested? Then welcome to Parallel Catastrophes. One looming apocalypse should have been enough.

Parallel Catastrophes

A Harry Potter/X-Files Crossover

The Wedding of Lucius and Narcissa
--Parsifal Parkinson makes a contact, and Marita Covarrubias wear pink.

Years or Mileage
--Summer 1995: Marita catches up with Alex. A little something for Deslea's birthday.

Afternoon Tea 
--Marita makes a confession, and Narcissa tries to be undertanding.

Hogsmeade Meeting
--Marita tries to cover her tracks, and Snape is not flattered.

A Drink With Malfoy
--I suppose it's no different from talking in front of the house-elves.

Beer In Amsterdam
--Hermione has a rather inspired idea. (Written before OotP, and now AU. Alex Krycek/Sirius Black)


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