Other Fanfiction

by Vanzetti


Buffy in Lucca (BtVS, Buffy, post-series)
Why didn't anyone tell me how beautiful the world is?
c. 250 words, first line commentfic

Call and Response (Harry Potter)
Viktor Krum and Hermione Granger meet in the library.
7 K

House of Shadows (Lymond Chronicles, Marthe)
Lyons. 10th day of Ramadan, 962 A.H. Marthe remembers other fasts.
Posted 14 October 2007, c. 350 words

Iron Points North (Angel, Fred)
Fred needs to be somewhere else.
For the Fem Gen ficathon, posted 5 January 2006, 10 K

My hands remember hers (Deadwood, Jane/Joanie)
Heavy snow in Deadwood, December 23rd. Joanie decorates and Jane goes for a walk.
For Yuletide, posted December 2006, 11 K

Pattern and Memory (Dalziel and Pascoe)
A ghost story for Wield and Digweed. Also: Ellie and Rosie are again in danger and Dalziel is the last word.
For Yuletide, posted 21 December 2004, 21 K

Theseus and Ariadne Try Again (Indiana Jones)
Summary: Crete, 1941: because being chased by mad Nazi archaeologists really is Marion Ravenwood's idea of a good time.
For Yuletide, posted December 2005, 47 K

Whip Hand (Rome, Octavian/Livia)
Octavian has only known success.
posted 12 March 2007, 155 words (sex)