Meeting in Hogsmeade

By Vanzetti

Her contact was waiting on the outskirts of Hogsmeade. "You're late again, Covarrubias. Some of us have hordes of screaming children to control."

"It's Sunday, Snape," she responded. "You don't teach today. The fresh air will do you good."

"I sincerely doubt it. Are those the new samples?"

She handed over the warded container. "Are you making any progress?"

"I believe I understand the way the consciousness melds itself to the matrix of the oil. It's quite ingenious."

"It's dangerous," she said.

"The most interesting things are, I find. If that's all?"

"A question, Snape," she said. He turned back to her in a whirl of black. She took a deep breath. "Narcissa is making a large party for Lucius. I must appear, and I must appear with an escort.

He tilted his head to one side. "Are you asking me to be that escort, Covarrubias?"

"Not for any romantic reasons, I assure you. But I must bring someone."

"How flattering."

"Don't be awkward, Snape, please. I know you have no more interest in me than I have in you, but I need an insider and you've gone to some trouble to ensure that Lucius considers you pliable."

"Not bad, Covarrubias. Insult and blackmail. Unfortunately for you, I intend to have other plans that evening. Why so desperate, anyway? Narcissa must have found you someone especially dreadful."

"I need to distract her," she answered.

Watching Snape think was less enjoyable when his intelligence was focused on her own life, Marita found. She could almost see him raising and discarding possibilities. "It isn't someone she's found, is it? It's someone you've found. Who is it, a Gryffindor? No, it would be worse than that. A Muggle-born?"


"A Muggle? I see why you're desperate enough to ask me."

"Your ability to combine rudeness with self-pity never ceases to amaze me, Snape. I thought you might be interested in whatever Lucius is planning."

"Lucius only has one plan, and I already know it. Your problem, however, interests me."

"I've already had a full dose of horror mixed with prurient interest from Narcissa, thank you. As you've given me your answer, could we consider the subject closed?"

"I might change my mind, Marita," he said.

"To be perfectly honest, I'd forgotten how unpleasant you can be when I decided to ask you."

Snape barked out a laugh. "I had no idea you were capable of perfect honesty. Very well. If nothing else it will generate a refreshing amount of confusion."

"You mean..."

"Have you become an idiot? Your desperation touches my heart. I will aid and abet this deception of yours."

"You are only doing this to gain an advantage, aren't you?"

"What else would you expect?" he said. "I doubt we will meet before the party itself. Until then?" He bowed slightly before turning to go.

"Until then," she told his back.


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