A Drink with Malfoy

By Vanzetti

"Tell me again why you're doing this. And why you're wearing a dress?" Alex Krycek, in his usual jacket and jeans, stood in the doorway; he was staring at his patron in what the older man thought might be amusement.

"I was at school with Lucius' father. Our families have been connected for centuries. Long before the aliens returned to this planet, the Malfoys and the Parkinsons were allied. And these are wizarding robes, Alex. Do try to keep an open mind."

"My mind has been opened enough, thanks."

"Lucius Malfoy is an important man in his own world, but even there he is intolerant."

"Is that your way of telling me not to shoot him if he insults me?"

"You might consider it that, yes."

"Warning noted," Krycek said.

A bell chimed next to the fireplace. "Ah. Here he is."

There was a puff of smoke and a tall man stepped from the hearth. He regarded the room with disapproval as he brushed a few specks of ash from his long white-blond hair. "Parsifal," he nodded. "It was good of you to agree to meet with me."

"You know I could hardly refuse you, Lucius. Shall we go to my study?"

"Of course." With a curt nod toward Krycek he turned to go.

"Alex will of course be joining us," Parkinson said.

"This is no concern of your... what does one call them? Your Muggle hit-man."

"I prefer assassin, myself," Krycek said.

Malfoy's upper lip curved into a sneer.

Krycek kept his face blank.

"Alex knows all my business, Lucius."

"But not mine," Malfoy said.

"I can assure you of his discretion."

Krycek stared coolly at the other man until Lucius nodded his head. "Very well. I suppose it's no different from talking in front of the house-elves."

A muscle jumped in Krycek's cheek but under Parkinson's glare he remained silent.

In the study Lucius accepted a glass of whiskey and settled into one of the generous leather chairs. "I'm sure you're aware, Parsifal, that recent events have shifted the balance of power in the wizarding world. I feel, and there are many who agree with me, that it's time you took more of an interest in your own kind."

"My interest in our own kind, as you put it, would be greater if more of us were willing to pay attention to the threat we all face."

"To help you solve what is, in the end, a Muggle problem?"

"The colonists make no distinction between magical and Muggle," Parkinson said. "But the fact that they remain unaware of our existence could be used against them in the end."

Malfoy smiled. "And wouldn't that be easier and more effective, if the magical world were united under a strong leader?"

"Are you planning to go into politics, Lucius?"

"The Ministry is run by incompetents. I'm talking about a real leader, a strong hand. You know already that Lord Voldemort was only injured by the Potter child. He has regained his strength and soon he will be able to move openly."

Parkinson's glass hit the desk with a sharp clink. "Not that Voldemort business again, Lucius. This is hardly the moment to precipitate a civil war in the wizarding world."

"When Voldemort rises again, who will dare to oppose him?"

"Albus Dumbledore, for one. And quite a few of the witches and wizards he's turned out of Hogwarts since becoming headmaster. And I myself was never quite so taken with Voldemort as the rest of you were."

Malfoy rose to his feet. "Dumbledore is an old fool. And you, Uncle Parsifal... Your involvement in this Muggle conspiracy of yours has led you to forget where your true loyalties should lie. What happens in the Muggle world is no concern of ours."

"Was this the proposition you wished to discuss with me, Lucius? That I agree to join Voldemort's willing servants? You should have known me better."

"You were willing to accept him in the old days."

"In the past I have been willing to accept any number of things which no longer seem quite so palatable. My answer is no."

"You may regret this. I will do what I can but..." Lucius shrugged. "Lord Voldemort is not known for sentimentality."

"Indeed." Parsifal stood up. "I regret that it's come to this. My regards to Narcissa, as always."

Lucius bowed slightly. "No need to move. I can show myself out." He turned and, finding Krycek leaning against the door, shouldered past him on the way out.

"Should I make sure he leaves?" Krycek asked.

Parkinson shook his head. "No need. Lucius no doubt considers spying beneath him." He sighed. "We will have to keep an eye on him."

"Resist or serve all over again?"

"You might say so. I'm not pleased to find myself fighting on two fronts. But if it must be, it must. Marita will be able to help with this." He looked at Krycek in time to see the other man's quick frown. "The two of you will have to resolve your differences if we are all to work together. The fate of the planet outweighs your petty betrayals."

"If you say so," Krycek said. "If you aren't expecting any more guests, I have things to take care of."


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